Karen has been working as a presenter since 2015, mainly for company films in both the Dutch language as well as in English (American). She’s worked for brands such as KPN, Olympia, Utrechtzorg/ROC Midden Nederland, Daily Trade Fair Venlo, and more. Karen has also worked as a presenter / actress for Trivago The Netherlands and Belgium.

Karen works both scripted as well as non-scripted/improvised and has ample experience with autocue. She’s also used to working with a green screen.


Below you’ll find (some links to) presenter material, each in a different “tone of voice”. 


In this video Karen is presenting in a rather technical e-learning video for KPN.

This presentation is using autocue and was shot in front of a green screen.


In this video Karen presents in American English.

This presentation was partly shot in front of a green screen and was scripted.


Below an example of Karen presenting in a more young and accessible tone of voice.

The presentation videos for “Sofie’s Leerreis” were mainly non-scripted.

You can watch more videos here:


In this video Karen is both acting and presenting for the brand Trivago.

This commercial was shot in front of a green screen and was scripted.